Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol 5

Product ID: DSPA 5

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Releasing a cloud of potassium compounds, DSPA suppresses flames and disperses a fire within seconds. This proven fire intervention tool can be used in a wide variety of fire scenarios to knock down flames and lower the temperature drastically, allowing Fire Fighters the ability to enter, fight the fire effectively and limit the danger to themselves and reduce property damage.The DSPA can be used in any enclosed area where fire can cause major damage. Different types of first responders have all used DSPA and saved thousands of dollars in property and equipment. Tested and found to be effective on Class A, B, C, and K fires in contained spaces, a single DSPA can completely suppress a fire in a 3,500 cubic foot room and will slow the spread of fire in larger spaces. DSPA can also assist with Class D fires as a suppression agent.
  • EN12094 NFPA 2010 UL-2127 UL-1254

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