Hydrogen cyanamide

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Cyanamidesolution can be used as the growth regulators, fungicides, defoliants andnontoxic pesticides of the fruit plants.
Cyanamide solution canbreak the dormant time of deciduous plant, and prompt its early germination,flowering, fruiting and mature, improve fruit weight and yield per mu. Inplants, Cyanamide will be quickly metabolized in plant, and all converted tocarbon which plants need to grow. There will be no residue in fruit, andwithout any bad effect on the quality of the fruit.
In addition,Cyanamidesolution can be applied as industrial raw materials, pharmaceutical, pesticideintermediates, agricultural fertilizers and food additives.
Productwill be filled in plastic barrel. The weight can be 5, 10, 20, and 200Kg perbarrel. It can also be packed according to clients’ requirement.
Forthe product with Concentration of 30% or less, the temperature should notexceed 35℃ during storage andtransport.

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