Phenolic Foam

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1. Excellent fireproof performance
Thermal insulation layer adopts phenolic foam,and other composite materials used for building insulation,fundamentally eliminate the insulation and the possibility of fire,use temperature range is -150 C- +150 C.
2. Thermal insulation energy-saving effect of prominent
Phenolic insulating plate has a good thermal insulation properties,its thermal conductivity is about 0.037w(m.k),far below the current market used inorganic,organic external insulation products,can achieve higher energy saving effect.
3. A wide range of uses
Not only can be used for traditional exterior insulation system, can also be made with facing layer composite thermal insulation decorative integration plate, but also can be used to construct traditional EPS/XPS/PU external wall insulation system fireproof isolation belt, used as a curtain wall of fire insulation materials, fire door inner insulation material, as well as low or high temperature fire in

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