charcoal coffee

charcoal coffee

3 in 1 coffee,instant coffee

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Jiangxi Hengding Food co,.Ltd is a large-scale manufacturer in China,and our main products are including non dairy creamer,coffee,puffing coarse grain powder.rice protein and rice syrup.Now we own 5 production lines for non dairy creamer,with an anual production capacity of 60000 tons;and 1 line for puffing coarse grain powder,5000 tons/year.1 line for coffee,5000 tons/year.
3 in 1 coffee is our leading product.we use well-selected high quality coffee bean,and refined instant coffee powder.
Product features:
100% pure coffee powder;
The world’s leading bakery extraction production line;
Using high speed double extraction process and aromatic recovery system retain the original flavor of coffee;
Good instant;
The sources of raw materials is stable,long-term supply.
Product standard:
Total plate count≤1000CFU/g
Food grade poly bag.
Storage keep in a cool,dry place.
Shelf life
It can be stored
  • 9001:2008

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non dairy creamer,coffee,rice protein,rice syrup,coarse grain powder