ISO 13485 Fully-automatic Hematology Analyzer for small hospital and clinic

Product ID: HF3800

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HF-3800 is a fully automatic blood cell analyzer ideal for routine testing in small to medium laboratories. It is used for detecting the parameters of RBC, WBC and HGB, and for leukocyte count.
Features :
1. Fully digitized process of signals from blood cell, mature design of fluid path to ensure the reliability of measurement.
2.Advanced floating threshold combined with perfect abnormal blood sample expert recognition system
3.Independent hemoglobin detecting system, unique volume metering pipe direct quantify technology; the interference source can be eliminated and accuracy can be increased.
4.Particle wizard technology: cells’ straight-line motion produce pulse to ensure the accuracy of WBC、RBC、PLT counting
5.Bi-directional stereoscopic rotational flow technology: avoiding fluid interfering PLT counting
6.3-part white blood cell differential
7.Dual-channel, 60 T/H
8.Brand-new highly accurate trace blood treating technology
  • ISO13485

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