Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Semi-auto Biochemistry Analyzer for Small Hospital and Clinic

Product ID: HF-800A

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HF-800A is a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer, using imported concave holographic grating asdispersive elements. Adopting grating monochromator invention patent technology, it is specially designed for medium and small-sized hospitals and clinic centers. It covers full range of biochemical test items: liver, renal, lipid, blood sugar, enzymes, ions, etc. cxjlamelk

-Leading flat-field grating dispersion element, high detection accuracy
-The unique grating post-spectro system, two national patents(National Invention Patent and Utility Model Patent). We are the only Chinese producer who has monochromator invention patent.
-Advanced embedded chip, supporting software control, powerful data processing
-English and Chinese man-machine conversation operation, simple and clear interface, easy to operate
-Open reagents, support imported and domestic reagents
-Connected to an external computer and laboratory management software, quick and convenient.

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