Bowl cutter machine for meat processing

Product ID: ZB80

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Cutting and mixing machine is important equipment in meat processing industry.It can cut meat into emulsified shape in high-speed cutting knives and mix up other additives into meat sufficiently.
Cut,mix and emusify meat material under vacuum state,prevented protein and fat being oxygenized and damaged,maximumly maintained the original color,scent and taste.Density and flexibility of products being enhanced by cutting.increased productivity,reduced air bubble,enhanced flexibility,Featured good emulsification effect and ensured best quality.
Adopt good quality stainless steel.Knives are made of imported material.Or imported knives can be another option.
Maximum speed 4500 rpm;
Main shaft bearing use large size of import being use large size of import bearing;Bearing seal adopt 4 modes,avoid bearing failure;
Bowl adopt casting stainless steel,with anti-overflow pan edge.Avoid flash overflow;
Electric appliance case install separately,good air tightness,and waterproof and moist
  • CE
  • ISO9001.

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