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working principle
Evaporation process is much effect by multiple evaporator the evaporation of the combined operation of the process. Much effect when the operation of the following effects evaporate required pressure and solution the boiling point of the previous effect is low, the efficiency of the two times before introducing steam as the lagged heating medium, namely the heating room become particularly before two steam condenser effect, only the first effect need to consume raw steam. General much effect at the end of the evaporation or a few effect after effect is always in the vacuum operation, because each effect (from the outside effect) 2 times as a steam heating effect of the steam, therefore improving the utilization rate of raw steam, namely the economy. Need to emphasize that the evaporation capacity and heat transfer quantity direct proportion, much effect does not improve evaporation mass, and just to save the heating steam, the price increase is the equipment investme

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