Aluminum silver mirror making glass coating machinery

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Aluminum silver mirror making glass coating machine
Vacuum magnetron sputtering technique is the use of the female, bipolar electrode surface with the magnetic field of the electron in the cathode surface drift, by setting the target surface electric field perpendicular to the magnetic field, the electron increases stroke, increase the rate of ionization of the gas, while the high-energy particles gas and lose energy after the collision and so lower substrate temperature, complete coating on a non-temperature resistant material. Vacuum magnetron sputtering coating has the following advantages:
(1) The thickness of the coating can be controlled, according to the needs of people plating film, and the coating can be repeated, but also to break the limit of the prior art, to obtain a uniform film thickness on a large surface;
(2) Film obtained by this technique with strong adhesion;
(3) This technique can be prepared a special film material, according to their needs while sputtering
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