8GB Memory Cards

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We are the only Manufacturers and Suppliers of our own brand HIBIT Memory Cards. We distribute next generation Hibit Micro SD Cards with best quality and lowest prices providing 5 YEARS WARRANTY all over India. We manufacture 2GB HIBIT Memory Cards, 4GB HIBIT Memory Cards, 8GB HIBIT Memory Cards and also 16GB HIBIT Memory Cards. We hold service centers in Hyderabad & Delhi, soon expanding in many parts of India for our products and see that the product is immediately replaced on the spot.
We also produce
HIBIT Pen Drives,
HIBIT Chargers,
HIBIT Head Phones,
HIBIT Card Readers,
HIBIT Screen Guards and also
HIBIT Power Bank.

Main Products

HIBIT Memory Cards, HIBIT Chargers, HIBIT Pen Drives, Mobile Batteries