liquid silicone for making transfer pad 

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liquid silicone for making transfer pad Instruction:
 Pad printing silicon rubber is two-component silicon, part A is the liquid silicon rubber, part B is the catalyst. The usual mixing ratio for silicon rubber and catalyst is 100:2-3, eg. We take 100grams of liquid silicon rubber, then we add 2-3 grams catalyst, mix then evenly and pour it to your mold. Then after 2-4 hours, you will obtain a printing pad.
liquid silicone for making transfer pad Frequently asked question:
The reasons why the silicone pad has a short service life are listed as follows:
(1)The problem caused by inappropriate filtration of silicone rubber, and impurities in the packaging process due to the uncleanness of barrels and bags. 
(2)The short service life of the silicone pad has a close relationship with the adding amount of silicone oil. The more the silicone oil added, the softer the silicone pad will be.
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