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Normally all we need is an idea of what the item is, with specification or similar, Also quantity you are looking for as well as an ideal price.

Generally order amount $20,000 or more for a factory to be interested, but final price always related to the quantity and quality, Shipping can see these merged in with other goods, or brought over in Full Container Loads (FCL) for you.

For small order from taobao, china Alibaba, we have ready file, please contact with us for the file information.

Pay Attention:
We are not responsible for quality if you buy from assigned supplier, just quantity and size color checking, but we will check no defects.
We are not responsible for safety of the goods if you assign forwarder.also not responsible if you can not get the package from customs.
We can only verify its good of appearance and whether it can work well if you allow us open the packing for the electronic goods,

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