Air Inflatable Rubber Dam

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Air inflatable rubber dam, a long tubular-shaped fabric, is a novel hydraulic building presented by the development of macromolecular synthetic material industry. It consists of high strength canvas as the reinforced framework and synthetic rubber, is fixed to a reinforced concrete foundation using clamping plates and anchor bolts. In dry seasons, the rubber dam is inflated by air to retain water for industrial, agricultural and living water demands; in rainy seasons, the air in the sealed bag can be deflated out to release floodwater from river course. Its cost is lower than water inflatable rubber dam and traditional dam. It can be installed in 3 to 15 days and be put into use soon. Medium will not freeze in winter. It is usually used for retain water, irrigation, control flood, power generation, etc.
Material structure: one cloth two rubber, two clothes three rubber, three clothes four rubber, etc.
Color: blue, black, red, gray, purple, etc.
Medium in dam: air.

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