Signal Jammer Cellphone Signal Jammer 3G/4G/WiFi/GPS/VHF/UHF Radio All in One Jammer Desktop GSM CDMA Phone Signal Adjustable

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Product Features :
1, shielding GSM / DCS / CDMA / 3G (Mobile. China Unicom. Telecom) / 4G (Mobile. China Unicom. Telecom) / WIFI / radio and other wireless signals.
2, green, electromagnetic field strength is much lower than the national standard, the human body without any impact.
3, a unique triangular cooling vents and fan design, protection for a long time continuous and stable work.
4, simple operation, the correct installation of the antenna, turn on the power to run automatically.
5, 4.2V12A power supply to ensure the stability of the signal, accuracy.
6, slow start circuit design, effectively avoid starting the ignition phenomenon occurs.
7, selection of imported high-performance integrated circuits and patch components, the use of imported automatic placement machine and
Reflow machine processing, assembly line production, quality, performance and stability, Fan Xiu rate of not more than 2%.
8, shielding all the wireless cheating tools.
9, shielding effect is clean

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