Auto Tapping Machine

Product ID: JT-4508

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․There is an isolated cooling fan in the interior of motor to dissipate heat, it can also be operated continuously, steady and durable.
․Using solid vertical column which has been treated by tempering to get rid of stress, the surface is chrome plated, scratch-resistant without rust.
․The gear is free to exchange tiny pitch.
․The gear can be exchanged quickly and easily.
․The gear drives without gaps for single side gears touch.
․The gear revolves slow without abrasion.
․Because one running is for one tapping thread, it can tap perfect thread to extend the life of tap and the precision reaches the tap gauge. When the tap goes backward, the work piece will not be pulled up or jump. The fixture can be simplified and the work piece does not need to be pressed or clamped, the work piece shall only avoid anti-rotation for tapping.

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Auto Tapping/Drilling Machine, Special Purpose Machine, Multi-Spindle