HCYZ Series Hydraulic Pump Station

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Hydraulic pump stations are independent hydraulic device, which control the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic oil according to the host requirements. After buying the products, the clients just connect pump station and actuator agency of the host (cylinder or motor) with oil tube, then the hydraulic machinery can achieve the various actions and working cycle required.

Hydraulic pump station is composed of pump machine-pump device, manifold block or valve assembly, oil tube and electrical parts.

Each part Function:
Motor-pump device: equipped with motor and oil pump, is the power source of hydraulic pump station. It converts mechanical power into pressure energy of the hydraulic oil
Manifold block: composed of hydraulic valve and channel body, regulate the direction, pressure and flow quantity of the hydraulic oil.
Valve assembly: Plate valve installs in the vertical board, tube connecting in the panel rear, having the same function with Manifold block.
Electrical box

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