PVC laminate steel sheet for electric kettle

PVC laminate steel sheet for electric kettle

PVC laminate steel sheet for electric kettle

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VCM metal sheet: is a kind of film laminated metal sheet, based on metal sheet and coated with light or matt PVC film.

Base metal: 0.27mm ~ 1.0mm thickness of cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel sheet and other metal sheets.

Category: light VCM and matt VCM
Light: including a PVC layer and a PET layer, which makes the surface more glossy;
Matt: only including a PVC layer, with PVC material as a whole, in its surface there are some pressure lines and other texture effects.

Application: Himei specializes in R&D, production and sales of exterior metal composite materials products, its VCM color plates are widely used in home appliances, building materials, shipbuilding and other industries, and it has been widely used in refrigerators, washing machines, water heater, disinfecting cabinet, microwave, soybean milk machines, ice machines, room dividers, cabinet doors, writing boards, security doors, ship decoration and other areas of appearance parts.
  • ISO9001/14000

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