High Frequency Electrocautery surgical Therapy Equipment

Product ID: KD-848

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-Apply to kinds of removal surgical operation (for human body and animals)
- Skin beauty therapy (ephelides ,wart and mole removal)
-Dermatology therapy (adenoma sebaceum, condyloma acuminate, flat wart, plantar wart, veTTrruca vulgaris)
-Dental surgery (gingival hyperplasia, pericoronitis )
- Otolaryngology surgery (Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, Nasal polyps & nasal cavity angioneoplasm)
-Anus surgery (Internal hemorrhoid, External hemorrhoid, intestines)
-Gynecological surgery (Cervical Erosion, Na-cyst, cervival polyp,Nymp

Electrocautery unit is a kind of electrosurgical instrument, it is used to cut the body lesions and replace the traditional scalpels. The effective electrode tip of it will produce high pressure & frequency current to heat, separate and coagulate the lesions when in contact with the patient body, and finally reach the goal of cutting and coagulation. This instrument is indicated for cutting and coagulation surgery in general
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