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machine working picture

Ozone sterilizer machine for hospital bed or hotel bed mattress

Product ID: KZ-X-DL1

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The Ozone Bed Sterilizer (Model: KZ-X-DL1) is an high concentration ozone generator (ozonator) designed specifically for sterilization and disinfecting of bed mattresses and furniture to prevent CROSS-INFECTION.

The Ozone Bed Sterilizer is a unique solution to the common problem of bacteria, lice, bed bugs and odor in bedding.

The Ozone Bed Sterilizer can be applied to the bedding sterilization in hospitals and hotels, which includes the sterilization of mattresses; bed clothes, carpet, pillow fillers and bed sheets and so on. In addition, it can also be applied for air sterilization in office; laboratory, meeting room, etc.

Ozone Bed Sterilizer KZ-X-DL1

Healthcare Appliance to prevent CROSS-INFECTION

CE, RoHS marking

Keeping the hospital environment infection free is a prime concern of any conscientious hospital management. Preventing contamination and spread of infection i
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