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Neutral Henna Powder that is colorless henna. The Neutral Henna Powder, also known as cassia obovata, is made from pure henna leaves of different quality and neutralized chemicals. Neutral Henna Powder gives little or no coloring effect. Neutral Henna Powder is used for hair conditioning and gives a natural shine & luster to hair. Safe and free from any side effect, our Neutral Henna Powder is widely used by those people who desire to benefit from the medicinal uses of henna but do not want to color the hair.

Benefits Of Using Neutral Henna Powder : Neutral Henna is the colorless henna. Actually neutral henna is a conditioner to nourish hairs and specially scalp. Neutral henna is 100% useful in scalp problems like: fungal infections, dandruff, etc. Neutral henna gives no color after application thats why called neutral henna. This neutral henna powder prevents the hair fall, and acts as a wonderful hair conditioner. Colorless Henna is also known as Neutral Henna

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