packing element

packing element

Annular BOP packing element

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Annular BOP Sphere Unit Packing element
Product Description:
We have the most advanced production line of rubber seal products in China. Beside the company has developed a number of techniques and equipments for physical analysis, mechanical performance inspection, stepping high/low temperature testing devices, deep water simulation testing and inspection devices, pressure test services specialized for factory tests, so that the company is capable of research and develop rubber seal products for petroleum machinery under any high temperature, low temperature conditions and conditions with high content of Hydrogen Sulphide.

Currently, the company has developed a serious of rubber seal products matching the BOP serious of the company. The company can produce spherical packing units and conical packing units for use in all types of annular preventers with a bore size of 7 1/16” to 30” and pressure of 3000psi to 15000psi. the company can also produce variable bore rams with over 40 t
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