Laser Welding Wire LST/L10

Product ID: LST/L10

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Range of Application: Applies to re-melt deposit welding process of high-hardness hot-working tools. For example, it’s used for comb dies (trimming dies), drawing and pressing tools, hot plate welding machine, and continuous casting roller etc. It’s also can be used for welding-repaired cold-working steel, hardware stamping dies, forming dies, hard-surface of workpieces and manufacturing laser welding wire with high hardness, wearing resistance and high tenacity.

Standard Evaluation: the models of parent material (base material) include:
D2 M2 T1 DF-2 XW-5 XW-41 ASSAB88 635 KM-2 2750 1.2510 1.208 1.2379 1.343 1.355 ARNECARMOCHIPPERCALDIERIGORSLEIPNERSVERKER 21

Chemical Compositions %
C Si Mn Cr P Mo v s cu w
0.35 0.98 0.35 5.13 0.019 1.36 0.30 0.0008 g0.185 1.24

Hardness 52-57 HRC
The hardness of re-melt deposit materials mainly depends on parent materials and its chemical compositions. But these influencing factors will decrease

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