WD750 Industrial 750Mbps Dual-band WIFI Router Openwrt

Product ID: WD750

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Product Descriptions:
Professional OpenWRT dual-band wireless router, WD750 is based on the industrial application of high performance wireless router Using one of the worlds leading Atheros scheme, the CPU basic frequency 600 MHZ, highest ,Perfect compatible OPENWRT third parties firmware, meet customer secondary development,

Comply with the IEEE 802.11n,IEEE 802.11 g/b, IEEE 802.11 a, IEEE 802.3/3 u/ab standard, use 2.4 GHz &5 GHz dual-frequency concurrent technology, wireless rate is as high as 750M.
USB interface function, easy building families multimedia network.
gigabit cable port, transmission rate faster, MIMO structure provides a more superior wireless transmission performance and stability.

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