\"Fluke Treasure Light\" Cloisonne Ceiling Lamp

"Fluke Treasure Light" Cloisonne Ceiling Lamp

Product ID: B106-11

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Title: "Fluke Treasure Light" Cloisonne Ceiling Lamp
LOT: B106-11
Material: Copper, gold, enamel glazes, others
Process: handmade cloisonne production technique

Works appreciation:
The work uses gourds as the basic modeling, meaning Fluke; the main patterns of the work is designs of composite flowers on the Tang Bao caisson of Mogao Grottoes, which is designed in Tang Dynasty, meaning auspicious; the whole screen is with blue tone, which is a symbol of open-mind, freedom and eternality; 6 root gilt vines surround the work and hold 12 lights over two stories, meaning dreams and glory of 12 month in a year and followed by wonderful bloom one by one.

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