LS182 Solar Film Transmission Meter

Product ID: LS182

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LS182 Solar Film Transmission Meter is able to simultaneously measure and display UV, IR rejection value and visible light transmission value. This meter is self-contained light sources and self-calibration. No manual adjustment is needed. The users only need plug the power supply, turn on the switch and put the solar film in the opening. The resulting performance data show on the display.
1. Size: 216mm*134mm*29mm(L*H*W)
2. Testing opening: Wide 47mm * Height 91 mm
3. Weigh: 590g
4. Resolution: 0.1%
5. Accuracy: ±2%(Colorless and transparent material)
6. UV peak wavelength: 365nm
7. Visible light peak wavelength: 550nm
8. IR wavelength: 950nm,1400nm and Full IR
9. Power supply: 5V AC/DC Adapter
1.UV Rejection meter, IR Rejection meter, Light Transmittance Meter, Three function in ONE device.
2.IR Rejection meter testing 950nm,1400nm and Full IR wavelength
3.Self-calibration and auto-calibration, NO need any manual adjustments
4.Simple operation

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