plastic granulator knife

Product ID: SKS007

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Material: made out of different materials depending on cutting application ,working environment etc.
1,HSS solid steel knife : Cr12Mov、7Cr7Mo2V2Si9 LD、W6M05Cr4V2 etc.
2, Alloy steel tipped knife:body:high quality carbon steel
inlaid edge: carbide alloy steel(YG8--YG20)
3,stainless steel knife: solid stainless steel knife
inlaid knife:body stainless steel;inlaid edge:alloy.

Advantages of plastic pelletizer knife manufacturer and supplier:
1、We are end manufacture, we have competitive price.
2、More than twenty-six years experience.
3、Each technical index reaches the international standard.
4、Passed the ISO9001 quality certification in 2002.
5、OEM /ODM service.
6、Short delivery time, good packaging.

Features of plastic pelletizer knife for recycling industry:
solid steel plastic pelletize knife
1、hardness:triple tempt 60HRC-63HRC
2、sharp edge , easy to sharpen.
3、high intensity ,anti vibr
  • ISO9001:2008

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