Master Three Wheel Electric Forklift

Master Three Wheel Electric Forklift

Master Three Wheel Battery Forklift 1.3-2.0Ton

Product ID: master006

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l Introduction

The Master electric forklift adopts the latest ergonomics technologies and concepts in designing and manufacturing. The forklift with low cost of ownership, superior visibility, unmatched productivity, safety and ergonomics designing for operator.

l Electrical system

The imported Italian ZAPI AC controller with microprocessor control system of the motor speed and temperature feedback signal ,regenerative braking and CANBAUA universal interface to ensure the accurate control of driving and lifting system. The regenerative braking can capture and reserve energy while braking.

The subsidiary pump motor controller will put into operation by the system automatically while lifting in need of the high flow oil pressure, this will avoid the extra energy consumption and extend battery life.

The emergency power disconnect switch is within easy reach while emergency events

Multifunctional display provides extensive information on truck operation and maintenance
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