3 inch thermal kiosk printer

3 inch thermal kiosk printer

3 inch thermal kiosk printer with paper detection

Product ID: MS-D347

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mechanism: CAPD347
Printing method Thermal dot line
Dots/line 576 dots/line
Dot pitch 8 dot/mm
Paper width 80 mm
Printing width 72 mm
Paper thickness 54~91 um
Printing speed 200 mm/s
Paper loading Auto loading
Sensors Head temperature Thermistor
Paper press shaft Mechanical switch
Paper end Photo interrupter
Paper loading Easy loading
Font size ASCII:9*17;12*24;
Chinese: 24*24
Dimension (L*W*H) 186.9*121.5*112.2 mm
Weight Approx 1.92 kg
Reliability Cutter: over 7,000,000 cuts
Thermal head: over 100 km
Ambient environment Work temperature -10 ℃~50℃
Work humidity 20~85% RH
Storage temperature -25℃~70℃
Storage temperature 10~90% RH
Interface RS-232 +USB/Parallel
power supply DC 24V/3A
Command set ESC/POS
Barcode supported
Driver Parallel/USB driver
System WindowsXP/Win7(32bits or 64 bits)/
Win8/Android/Linux OS
Accessories: Sensors paper near end sensor;
paper jam sensor;
dragging paper sensor;
and more
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