PET bottle recycling machine

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PET bottle recycling machine is used to recycle the waste PET bottles, for example, the mineral bottles, beverage bottles and oil bottles etc. The flowchart is as following:
1, de-bale the packages, pre-wash the bottles.
2, remove the most labels and caps by label and cap remover.
3, crush the PET bottles into PET flakes by special PET plastic crusher.
4, wash the PET flakes in the hot washer, friction washer and washing tank.
5, dehydrate the PET flakes by centrifugal machine.
6, dry the PET flakes in the stainless steel U coil pipeline by electrical heater.
7, send the flakes to the storage silo by cyclone system.
Meanwhile, the manual sorting table or auto sorting machine are optional for improving the quality of final PET flakes, The user can decide to include anyone based on the real conditions of his PET bottles and investment plan.
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