Horizontal bead mills for water based ink

Product ID: LCP-50

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LCP series bead mill is ideally suited for continues dispersion and wet grinding of materials like paint, ceramics, printing ink, coating, pigment, dye, color pasta, pharmacy, cosmetics, antiseptic paint, pesticide suspension, semi conductor etc. with no metal contamination and excellent performance.

1. Special agitator disc design enable grinding beads to be with inverted driving force and that makes grinding beads distributed evenly in the grinding chamber; agitator disc which are mounted on the agitator are easy to change and are available in different materials; such as hardened steel, stainless steel, high wear resistance polyurethane or ceramics.
2. Size distributed narrower thanks to the excellent grinding dispersion performance of separator.
3. Advanced well-designed grinding beads dispersion system makes efficient and fast dispersion of beads and materials.

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