g101 g102 dump pump

g101 g102 dump pump

G101 G102 dump pump for dump truck

Product ID: DUM PUMP

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Commercial type G101/102 replacement Dump Pumps are known for their ruggedness, reliability and interchangeability. Available in both the DYNACO G101 Remote Mount and the G102 Direct Mount configurations, these pumps offer cast iron construction. Please view our attachment DYNACO G101/G102 DUMP PUMP.pdf Technical Product Catalog.

Additional information about DYNACO G102 pump:

•9.5, 21 & 29 gpm at 1800 rpm
•Pressures to 2500 psi
•Speeds to 2400 rpm
•2- or 3-line installations
•Choice of mountings
•Air remote operators available
•Relief valve protects pump & cylinder
•Airshift optional
  • ISO9001:2008

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