Two-Stage (Twin Screw/Single Screw) Compounding Extruder Set (TEC75-180)

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TEC Series Two-stage (twin screw/single screw) Compounding Extruder Set
First stage is TE high speed co-rotating twin screw extruder.
Second stage is SE low speed single screw extruder.
First stage extruder and second stage extruder are placed vertically.
Take advantage of twin screw extruder and single screw extruder. Twin screw extruder force in transportation, powerful compounding and good dispersion, make the material high effective plastizing. Single screw extruder can effectively cooling the material, so this kind of machine structure will have higher capacity.
Used for different kinds of thermo-sensitive material, like PVC, XLPE, LSHF flame retardant cable material, shielding material etc.

Typical Application
Wire & Cable material
-PVC cable material
-LSHF cable material
-PE insulation, sheating cable material
-XLPE cable material
-Special cable material

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