Samsung Exynos 5250 Cortex A15 development kit for single board computer,mini pc,tablet pc

Product ID: Samsung Exynos 5250

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CES-5250 development platform for Samsung ARM Cortex-A15 Dual-core Exynos 5250 and computing speed of 1.7GHz. The chip uses the latest 32nm HKMG advanced process technology, adopts GPU named Mali-T604, high performance. The Exynos 5250 integrates two A15 core, and frequency of each core is highly up to 1.7G,supports 32K/32K L1 Cache, 1MB L2 Cache, enhanced VFP and Neon coprocessor. DMIPS/MHz has improved 40% than A9.
CES-5250 development platform to customer feedback and extensive research designed by combining the company. Fully consider the actual situation of the majority of developing products company based on the Cortex-A15, combined with the actual characteristics of the product, the main consideration: wireless communication, personal navigation, camera, mobile games, mobile music, video playback, mobile TV, PDA function, medical devices etc. products in terms of functionality, cost, size and other aspects of already very close to the above products, greatly short

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