Samsung S5PV210 board for single board computer,mini pc,tablet pc

Product ID: Samsung S5PV210

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CPU:Samsung S5PV210, Cortex-A8, frequency up to 1GHz
DDR II SDRAM:Standard: 1GB DDRII, high cost-effective
Power management chip:Adopthighly integrated PMU chip max8698c (manufactured by the MAXIM).own 3
channelsDC/DC and 9 channels LDO power, realize intellectual power management and lowpower consumption.
Precision InterfaceCircuit:Adopt 0.635mm chip socket of molex, stable,significantly reduce the overall height;
leads to all CPU signals, highscalability
Touch screen andLCD TTL interface:The TTL interface to access all kinds ofTFT LCD, With standard TFT
7-inch resistive touch screen; Optional 7-inch or10.1-inch capacitive touch screen
Wireless WIFImodule:1 channel onboard, built-in WIFI module,accord with 802.11b/g
GPS module:1 channel onboard, built-in GPS module, adopt SIF IIIGlobal Positioning
Bluetooth module:With Bluetooth communication module
Camera module:with COMS Camera module
3G module:Currently with ZTE

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