Riverstone Soft Massage Slippers

Riverstone Soft Massage Slippers

Riverstone Soft Massage Slippers

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Riverstone Soft Massage Slippers
Virgin Series

Style: Riverstone Soft Massage Slipper
Size: Female 36-37、38-39,Male 40-42、43-44
Color: Beige, Gray, Camel, Dark Coffee, Pink
Method of use: household use and long time foot massage

Product introduction

1.Based on modern household design idea, we choose high quality material such as cotton, flax and leather, which bring you valued grade and fashion while doing healthy foot massage.
2.The massage pad we use is inserted with unique natural riverstones. Each slipper is specially customized for you.
3.The slipper sole is made from natural rubber which can bring nice functions of anti-slipping, resistance and elasticity.

Packaging & Shipping

Carton size: 62*33*53cm
Shipped through cartons or pallets by LCL or FCL


1. Promote blood circulation, allaying tiredness
2. Removes Body Toxin, maintain health
3. Improve the endocrine balance, beautify body shape
4. Increase metabolism, maintain
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