Powder-mixing Impeller

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Impeller characteristics: low shearing function, helical impeller made the medium rising or dropping along helicoids to create circulation. Frame type Impeller created horizontal circulation flowing. The combination multilayer Impeller of propeller type has the characteristics of twin screw with blade.

Characteristics: Impeller can be made into different angles according to different requirements, and also can be applied in combination .

Application : suit for operating of mixing, heat transferring and reaction in middle & high viscosity medium and pure power medium or high concentrations powder material. When rotating in low speed, it is normal operating in laminar flowing area, also is especially applicable for mixing of pseudo plasticity non Newtonian fluid and viscoelastic fluid.

Ways of connecting with shaft: form of wheel boss, form of hold hooping and so on.

Applied materials: Carbon steel , stainless steel etc.

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