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According to client’s requests of production process, these situation will be adopted shaft sealed if they have special requirements on pressure , temperature, material, industries and environment. Common sealing ways are mechanical sealing and filling up sealing. Mechanical seals are relying on a pair or several vertical axis relative to the end face of sliding under the pressure of the fluid and elastic (or magnetic) compensation mechanism of action to maintain the seal affixed to merge with auxiliary means to achieve the seal leakage resistance .

1. Rotating seal ring materials: 9CR18, 1CR13 repair welding cobalt chromium tungsten, cast iron, tungsten carbide.
Silent seal ring materials : resin impregnated graphine, bronze, phenolic plastic, tungsten carbide, cerements.

2. Mechanical seal can be divided into single mechanical seal and double mechanical seal according to friction surfaces .

3. Main points of installing and using mechanical seals .
1) Radial runout of devi

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