acrylic polishing machine-polish acryl within 40mm thickness

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Acrylic polishing machine,also named, acrylic flame polisher or micro flame polisher, is an ideal,safe,reliable,effective and environmental way of polishing acrylic or perspex sheets, signs,letter and so on.
Working principle of acrylic polishing machine is electrolysis of water produces mixed hydrogen and oxygen gases.Ignite the gases in the flame torch tip, and use the still and concentrated flame to polish acrylic.

model: 305T
gas output: 300 liter/hour
water consumption: 90 milliliter/hour
power rating: 1600 w/hour
power supply: 110V-240V/50HZ-60HZ
gross weight: 22kg
size: 67cm*31cm*54cm

Model 305T acrylic polishing machine is used for polishing acrylic with thickness lower than 30 mm,and also it can be used in micro welding, fine jewelry welding,quartz glass tubes sealing, enameled metal wires welding and so on.

Four operators can work simultaneously using one 305T.

305T belongs to industrial type and can bear heavy working load.There is three electrolytic cell
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