Natural raspberry  extract

Natural raspberry extract

GMP Factory supply 100% Natural Raspberry Extract, Raspberry Ketone 98%,99%

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Frozen raspberry whole & broken
2)Variety: williamte,heritage,European red,Ferrtodi etc
3) 50/50%,30/70% etc
1)All raspberries are of Chinese origin, to be without calyx, without stalks, cleanly washed, carefully sorted, without molded Raspberries, without rotten Raspberries, metal detected and free from any foreign substance.
2) Size: natural size,uncalibrated
3)Colour: minimum 98% fruits of fine regular red raspberries color.
4)Taste: typical of the raspberries, without any off-taste.
5)Unripe and overripe fruits: each max.1% by weight.
Wholes: 50%. Broken or crumbles: Max 50% by weight.

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