Digital Electronic Locker Lock

Product ID: T-16

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China digital electronic lock supplier: digital electronic locks, different color finish available, keypad locks function by entry of a 4-digit code.
- Material: ABS plastic.
- Door thickness: 1.2mm.
- Finished: white, different color available.
1. Keypad locks function by entry of a 4-digit code.
2. Power supply: 3 X AA alkaline batteries.
3. Input Voltage: DC4.5V 3.Battery life: 20months.
4. Undervoltage alarm point 3.3±0.2V.
5. Use condition: temperature: -15℃~65℃;humidity:5%~95%.
6. Working modes: Master code, Jump code and User code.
7. Emergency power supply.
  • ISO9001:2008

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