Pono8002 1040(L)*640(W)*1730(H) mm 1000-liter palstic laundry cage trolley for cloth collection

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Now using the plastic cages is becoming the trend. Compare with the steel cages, there are some advantages:

1. When customers using the steel cages for some days, the steel will sealing off. They have to repair it. But the plastic cage trolleys will not face this problem;

2. The steel cages will destroy the linen sometimes, it kind of waste for customers;

3.The dust will into the linen, it will be pollution for the linen also. Our plastic cages are very clear for the linen, we have curtains of the cages , also the top of the cages have cover. No dust will into the linen;

4. The caster will have big noise in the factory, we all using very good caster, noiseless;

5.The steel cage are very tough, if they go into the 4 star or 5 star hotel, it will destory the elevator sometimes.
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