Natural Seaweed Extract Fucoidan

Product ID: RW-001

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White or slightly yellow powder


1. Fucoidan can be used as raw material of medicine for kidney disease. It is very effective for renel failure in early and medium phase and is especially effective for improving kidney function and promoting kidneys clearance rate for creatinine.

2. Fucoidan can be used as healthy food, beverage etc. If health food or beverage including fucoidan can be constantly eaten. It can conduct immunomodulation for human body and improve immunocompetence; induce cancer cell apoposis; induce the generation of cell growth cell, promote the growth of various cells, repair damaged or hypothyroid organ and tissue; reduce the contents of blood fat, blood sugar and cholesterol in human body and prevent the formation of thrombus.

3. Fucoidan can be added in cosmetic. Fucoidan is a kind of basal body with excellent moisturizing effect.

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