RD-V32 low pixel

RD-V32 low pixel

RD-V32 portable thermal micro printer

Product ID: RD-V32 portable seri

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1.Equip with imported original printer core, high printing speed(60 lines per second), and print clearly (203 dpi)
2.Have the black label location, lack of paper detection, and overheating detection, Auto Sleep, Auto Wakeup, Low voltage alarm and other functions
3.moderate weight
4.appearance: fashion, delicacy, small volume, and Portable mobile printing 5.power supply: rechargeable batteries (user option : power adapter)
6.Complete character set library, GBK character library, can meet the print of all rarely used word and symbols 7.equip with standard serial interface , USB and Bluetooth interface (can connect to a variety of handheld devices such as data acquisition, PDA and mobile phone )
  • ISO9001

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