Tripod turnstile

Product ID: RST-101

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Roste RST series turnstile is designed to control pedestrians entering and exiting restricted area , usually under surveillance in low security area. 3x120 degrees design of bar rotation make it more cost effective ,bi-direction control is more suitable for high volume pedestrian traffic ,up to 30 peoples is possible. it is widely used in application like railway station , museums ,park , factories , airports , sport stadiums and so on.


1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel according to the international design of anti-dust,moistureproof water proof, surface treatment wire drawing (default),polishing,electroplate,baking finish.
2. Drop-arm function , in case of power failure , the arm will drop automatically to ensure unblocked access , rise the arm by hand when power is on.
3. Incorporating advanced hydraulic kinetic buffering technology to ensure fast and smooth operation.
4. Equipped with LED directional indication / status lights
5. The emergency

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