Mould release agent

Mould release agent

Release agent, Lubricant for die casting

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Release agent for Alloy die-casting Lubricant for mould release DESCRIPTION
High concentration emulsion of precious active ingredients. Die-casting lubricant for aluminum and alloy-metal. Casting release agent ensures a very high thermal resistance and very good filming properties. It gives the melted alloy a very high sliding power and a good surface appearance to the casts. Casting release agent is particularly suitable for high weight pieces, like the automotive sector. It is suitable for the production of casts with variable thickness, even without build-up on low temperature Dies. Casting release Agent water based is a low smokiness, low environmental impact product. It doesn? contain harmful substances. TECHNICAL DETAILS Physical form: liquid Color: white light, typical PH (pure): 8.5 Density (20C):about 0.985 g/ml Flammability: not flammable Miscibility: miscible in water PACKAGING: 25Kg /drum STORAGE: Avoid storage with exposure to direct sunlight. Do not store near heating

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