Process Scanner

Product ID: Falcon1600

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A Temperature Scanner is a device that measures more than one temperature points or multi-channel. It is actually a multi-channel indicator that measures and displays signals of each channel one-by-one up to last channel and then returns to first channel and continues the process cyclically.

No of Channels :Four to Sixteen channels analog, Four to Sixteen digital Outputs

Type. of Inputs :Analog Inputs - RTD Pt100 (3 wire), mA, Thermocouples (J, K, R, S, T, B &E) or Volt, factory set.

Features :LED display, Settings through Keyboard, Serial port RS485 with Modbus

Digital Output :TTL outputs connected to external Relay card. These outputs are used for alarm or control of each channel.

Application :Temperature Scanner/ Process Scanner/ SCADA

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