APM-H0410 Speed Dome,Network Speed Dome,IP Speed Dome

Product ID: ip camera 5

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> Supports 640x480 high-definition video coding, accurate progressive scanning for real time,compatibility QVGA format;
> Support 10x optical Zoom and the IR-cut automatic switch at any time of day and night;
> Adopt the latest third generation high efficiency with the lattice lights and the infrared image brightness uniformity and bright;
> Horizonal:355°& Vertical:90°;
> Adopt to customizable cruise and preset cruise;
> Adopt the Precision Electronic Machine,High-speed rotation and the images are smooth,precision positioning via preset position;
> Accord with waterproof grade IP66,using alloy enclosure for ball machine;
> Adopt the high-performance,this is a powerful of programmable media,processors stable and reliable;
> Extremely low power consumption;
> Built-in support Web Server,allow remote view & record & setting from anywhere anytime via IE browser;
> Support upgrade via remote;
> Support DDNS,PPPoE,local network,Extranel transfer;

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