snap in aluminum electrolytic capacitor

snap in aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Wave Inverter Capacitor Snap in Electrolytic Capacitor for AC Inverter and Solar Power Inverter Capacitor

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Product Specification:

1. Usage: E-car Charge Post, EV charging piles, Electric vehicle charging station, EV charging station, EV charging post, EV charging pile, EV charging pole, Air Conditioner Capacitor, Welding Machine Capacitor, Clean Energy Capacitor, New Energy Power Capacitor, Solar Photovoltaic Capacitor, Wind Turbine Capacitor, Power Supplier, Inverters capacitor; Audios; Louder Speakers; UPS capacitor and other General purpose;

2. Working Condition: -40° C ~ +105° C;

3. Low ESR Performance;

4. Excellent Low LC Performance (Leakage Current performace);

5. Low DF Performance (Dissipation Factor performance);

6. Super Long Shelf Life (Working life reaches 3,000 ~ 6,000 hours, at 105° C);

7. Voltage Range: 400V ~ 630V.DC;

8. Capacitance Range: 25uF ~ 56,000uF (Condition: Ripple Current 105° C, 120Hz);

9. Capacitance Tolerance: ±20%;

10. Size (Diameter x Height) (mm): 22x25; 22x30; 22x35; 22x40; 22x45; 25x25; 25x30; 25x35; 25x40; 35x60; 35x80; etc
  • ISO9001

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