Milk & Dairy Products

Milk & Dairy Products

Milk & Dairy Products

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Shrih Trading Co Pvt Ltd is one of Indias leading Milk & Milk Products company with a motto of health & happiness for all. From the beginning, We have worked with dedication to bring prosperity to the marginal farmers and offer value proposition to its quality conscious consumers and associates. This is being achieved through continuous process of innovation and involvement of all the stake holders.

We add the value of our services to a large range of items including Milk, Butter, Ghee, Cheese, Dry Milk Powder Etc

Our Complete Range Of Products is as follows

I. Desi Ghee
Pure Desi Ghee
Fat Cow
Fat Buffalo
Cream (Solid Fat)
Sweet Cream

II. Cheese
Cheese mozzarella
Cheese Powder

III. Butter
Butter (Yellow & White)
Butter Oil
Butter Milk Powder
Butter – Lactic
Sweet Cream
Unsalted Butter
Pasteurized Butter

IV. Milk
Pasteurized Milk
UST Milk
Liquid Milk
Flavored Milk
Dairy Creamer Milk

S.M.P. (Skimmed Milk Powder)
  • ISO 9001

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