die spotting press

die spotting press

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Product ID: SX350JM-YC

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Model: SX350JM-YC
Press capacity: 350T
Open capacity: 70T
Overturn capacity: 25T
Ejecting capacity: 11.2T
Dimension of work bench: 2800x2000mm
Carrying capacity of workbench: 50T
Maximum distance between two workbenches: 2500mm
Shift-out stroke of lower workbench: 4800mm
Maximum weight of mould: 50T
External dimension: 8370x4000x7205mm
Electrical power: 37KW
Weight: about 75T

1、 main components from imported CNC center;
2、 wear resistant rail;
3、 large-scale dust-proof device;
4、 imported hydraulic elements;
5、 DENISON oil pump;
6、 Japanese or Taiwanese brand hydraulic valves;
7、 Japanese NOK sealing elements;
8、 Large-screen colored LCD;
  • ISO
  • CE

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